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It's due time that we discuss something you don't normally think about when you walk into a hair salon. Why would you take skincare advice from a hair salon? Many people forget that hairstylist are also cosmetologist who have received training in many fields including skincare. The next time you are having skin problems you'd be surprised by what your local stylist may have to say about it. Some salons even offer products outside of the hair products. We happen to be one of the few salons that offers medical grade skincare products by Vivid MD.

Before you start purchasing any products you want to do your research. You have to first figure out your problem areas (ie. oiliness, dry skin, blemishes, acne etc.) and eventually you have to develop your skincare regime while sticking to the schedule in order to see any results. Just like exercise, you only see results is by working at it— you don't wake up overnight looking like Scarlett Johansen from one trip to the gym. The reason we like Vivid MD aside from the fact that it is a critically acclaimed product among the entertainment industry, is that their products are great overall skin care products.

"Vivid MD Skincare products were developed under the direction of highly respected dermatologists, plastic surgeons, clinical estheticians and makeup artists to repair and renew damaged skin. They are enjoy-ed by both those in the medical industry and top celebrities who rely on their skin's appearance. International technology gives Vivid MD Skin-care the edge in breakthrough skincare. Our products contain high doses of Vitamin C, E and A, anti-aging peptides, glycolic acids, reti-noids, AHAs and green tea. These fine ingredients work within and under the layers of the skin - thus improving your appearance." - Vivid MD Skincare

If you are in the market for new skincare products that provide real results without the harsh chemicals, we cannot recommend a better line of products. Our clients love the results from using Vivid MD Skincare and we swear by it because we use it at home too! You can read more about Vivid MD at vividmdskincare.com to find out more. Here is the recommended usage for their products as well. Email hairbycesare@gmail.com for inquiries & appointments or call 626.792.5829. You can always book an appointment online when we are not available during closed hours. Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in for next time.

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