Let's talk about hair ties

When you think about hair damage usually the first thing that comes to mind isn't the type of hair tie you use. But as you already know, hair damage can come from just about anything, from the products you use to the way you brush your hair. I want to bring up the use of hair ties and how damaging certain types can be.

Just last week, one of our delightful customers came in for a routine visit. She had her hair up and as she started to put her hair down I instantly noticed this monstrosity that was sold to her as a hair tie. I asked her details about the said hair tie and I was flabbergasted. She noted said she spent about $15 on this silicon band that was supposed to protect her hair and prevent breakage. All I could think was that is so very wrong that ANYONE who knows hair could sell such a thing.

hair ties
hair ties

Ladies, if you have any silicon,metal bonded, glue bonded material hair ties and you are experiencing the same issue, please THROW IT AWAY! These types of hair ties are causing damage to your hair and no matter how much money you spend on certain products, (although you may have spent a great deal on the product) it does not mean you are spending it on truly getting quality, that is good for your hair. (think flat irons...) Silicon bands are just as bad as rubber bands and they pull and pinch the hair, metal bonded ties crimp the hair and if you are constantly using them, they eventually break it. Even seamless glue bonded ties tend to not last very long before the rubber band is exposed, so why risk it?

Now I can sit here and offer great tips on how to extend protection using some of these hair ties but really it's not worth it. So instead I want to offer an alternative! Some of you are already familiar with some of these as Cesare and I have praised Dye Ties! These elastic hair ties are made from a soft and stretchy material that have been hand-dyed and knotted. They are becoming a growing trend in fashion and aside from looking trendy they are great alternatives to the other hair ties in the market. To make your buck go further, try to not wear them in water or tossing them in the washing machine so that elastic bands last. You can find them at here at our salon or your local drugstore! For us it matters not where you buy them, just that you do.

For more info, give us a call 6267925829!

Make your current hair ties less damaging:





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